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Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Executive Recruitment and Transitions

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Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Executive Recruitment and Transitions

More than a trend, Artificial Intelligence is continually occupying more space in executive recruitment.  Although still with significant limitations, it has become a reality in key steps of a recruitment process.  Candidate sourcing, profile matching, referencing, social media presence and activities are just some of the components of a digital recruitment strategy

A key component of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, focuses on the development of algorithms and computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. It can significantly improve rates of success of placements for internal and external recruiters that have access to digital platforms containing qualitative and quantitative data about potential candidates, prospects, references, etc.

As the recruitment industry and internal recruiters move at a moderate speed with their AI and digital strategies, executives need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.  Although there is a strong appeal for successful executives to continue doing more of the same and follow an “analogical”, reactive approach to career development, it might just not be enough anymore. 

The good news, however, is that the cost to adapt to a new reality is very low if compared to the potential returns from the opportunities for professional growth and fulfillment in transitions.  Simple steps such as adequacy of language and format for social media profiles and resumes should be developed as a powerful marketing and profile matching tools.  Data analysis and thorough preparation for interviews, although elementary, are not often an initiative taken by many executives. 

Although seen by many as a threat, Artificial Intelligence has already caused innovation and disruption in executive recruitment.  But it poses a major opportunity for talent, especially where job markets are in difficult situation.  This “digital approach” by executives already in, or considering a transition, can be a critical and differentiating factor.  Knowledge of the recruitment process and adaptation to change has always been an asset for the executive that manages her or his career successfully.


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