19 nov 2020

Meditation for executives

5 successful business leaders that have used meditation to improve productivity, creativity, and business acumen   Jayson DeMers | Entrepreneur | Apr 3, […]
03 maio 2020

Mindfulness for business leaders

Mindfulness, a state of mind that we achieve by bringing focused attention to the present, is one of the most important practices […]
24 out 2019

Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Executive Recruitment and Transitions

More than a trend, Artificial Intelligence is continually occupying more space in executive recruitment.  Although still with significant limitations, it has become […]
16 ago 2018

Bonus Careers: Reinventing one’s career after 50

By Rafael D’Andrea, EMCCC – INSEAD When we are presented to someone for the first time, it is quite normal for us […]
16 ago 2018

Será que os aprendizados da maternidade trazem vantagem competitiva no trabalho?

Realizamos recentemente uma pesquisa com mais de mil mães para saber se a experiência da maternidade as ajudou a serem melhores gestoras. […]
16 ago 2018

The sabbatical as a transition towards a more authentic life

By Rafael D’Andrea, EMCCC – INSEAD Among the differing motives that lead people to consider taking a sabbatical term or year, this […]